Blogs on the Brain and Learning

While looking for blogs to discuss in this post, I discovered that it is Brain Awareness Week (March 10 -16, 2014).  Therefore, to celebrate I have selected two that focus on the brain and learning. The first one, the Brain-Based Learning blog, is one of many great blogs that can be found on Edutopia. This blog focuses on understanding how the brain works and ways to use that knowledge to improve the learning process.  The blog posts are contributed by a number of brain and learning experts. One example post is ‘Move your Body, Grow Your Brain’ about studies indicating that students are more focused on learning when exercise and movement is incorporated into the school day. Another post ‘Five-Minute Film Festival: Learning and the Brain’ includes a set of videos that are not only informative but also very entertaining. Topics range from seven common myths about the brain to a teenage explanation of his metacognitive strategies. This blog is a valuable resource for teachers who want to improve their teaching methods using practical strategies based on brain research. Although the posts have an education focus, there is also great information for training professionals as well.

The second blog/website is BrainBased Learning hosted by Eric Jensen, teacher, author and current PhD student in Human Development from Fielding Graduate University. The blog covers topics in brain-based learning and teaching. It would take some time to read through all of the useful posts on this blog. One that caught my eye immediately is titled “The Best Learning Motivator Ever!”  It describes research indicating that feedback is one of the best motivators to student achievement.  Practical applications for using feedback in teaching are also given.  This site should be very useful for anyone interested in practical teaching strategies that have a solid research foundation.

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